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Cumberland Astronomical Society
Messier Marathon 2001

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Messier Marathon I
March 24 2001

Pictures from CAS Messier Marathon, March 24, 2001
Location: Tim Hatcher's farm in Oak Grove, Tn
Pictures taken by David Cotten

Bernie and Laurie and Allen taking the photographers picture

David, Randall, and Ron

Bernie, Randall, Barry, Jim, and Ron

Messier Marathon II
April 21 2001

Pictures from the CAS Messier Marathon II,April 21, 2001
Location: Tim Hatchers farm in Oak Grove, Tn
Pictures taken by Scott Smith

Group setup

Tyler setup

Mike and his new 8" Dob

David and his Celestron 9.25 SCT

Allen setup

Tyler and Randall

Waiting for clear skies

David, Tyler, Mike, and Randall