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Cumberland Astronomical Society
Members List

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Current Members:

Welcome New Members!

The Cumberland Astronomical Society welcomes Michael Duncan as our newest member!  Welcome aboard!

Scott Smith - President

Mike Dickens - Vice President

Karma Gardner - Treasurer

David Cotten - Treasurer

Allen Ball - Past President

Misty Ball

Danny Baggot

Steve Caldwell

Ted Cumuze

Veronica Davis

Nathan Donahoe

Michael Duncan

Tim Farris

Mike Felkins

Lois Finney

Tom Golden

Chris Gregory

Tim Haller

Anna Hamilton

Gray Hamilton

Billy Jenkins

Bill Madewell

Chuck Mariner

Danny Myers

Jim Opalek

Robert Phelps

Jerry Don Powell

Charlie Puckett

Ralph Reed

Randall Smart

Tyler Smith

Jack Stearman

Sue Stearman

Ed Vance

Mike West

Terry West

Pat Whitehead


Last updated January 1, 2005

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Bulletin Board